willson music mixer

we are electronic music

At Willson Music we give selected artists a home. We stand for progressive house, hip hop that makes you nod and techno with character.

We at Willson Music want to give selected artists a home for their music, by joining our collection. Our label stands for characterful HipHop, variations of progressive House and Techno.
Founded 2020 in Hamburg, St. Pauli to utilize the overflooded artist count by finding Quality and presenting you our collection

willson music stage

What we do

Willson Music offers musicians a production platform for distribution and promotion. Our artists are united in their aspiration to truly connect people in movement and feeling

willson music festival

Our projects

We keep a steady count of artists and expand our selection only to a limit, in order to experiment with unique concepts and ideas.

willson music club

Our motivation

Only recently we realize how much live events and performances by our favorite artiss mean to us. To bring passion back into our lives we create "grooves with pleasure".

Our Team

We are a diverse bunch of music lovers and supporters of the music sector.
We call ourselves professional musicians and support good sound. Get to know us.

Our Vision

We want to give producers a platform to release their Sound fast and smooth.
We offer you the “home sweet home” for good music

Our story

Everybody starts small – just like us.
From our united vision, we will create an exciting future.
Join us!