Willson Music

We are creatively driven.

We want to give artists and producers a home port for their productions. We want to be the ones that the artist always keeps in mind as a good record company and gives their trust for good release work. Willson Music is your friend.

Our approach is very simple. 

We see ourselves as a record label but also as artist support.
We help producers and artists to get onto the digital platforms to gain visibility for their projects.

What exactly does Willson Music do?

Our offer for artists and producers

Our artist support is as follows due to the Covid-19 implications: 
The producer/artists involved receive all revenues generated through the platforms and marketplaces in the first 12 months after release. In the second and third year, the label receives a share of the revenue and after the end of the band transfer agreement (BÜV), all rights go back to the artists or producers. 

In the first step, we don't award any record contracts in the conventional sense, where the artist commits to releasing his productions exclusively through one label. Therefore, our "service" is also affordable and easier to plan for young artists. 
We offer every service that a classic record contract would entail, but only on demand and without an exclusive contract for the time being. Unless this is expressly requested. In this case, we negotiate a record contract.