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Tobi and KoweSix are old friends and known beyond all borders. You could almost say "Hamburg's best in class". 
In the context of our sampler "beats against bombs" the two producers have contributed a very nice releaxed driving track and thus donate their earnings from the track to the "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".


In 2017 Bastian began to explore new soundscapes in the Techno genre under the hat of his own name. His music is a blend of styles and influences which span across genres from pure Techno to Melodic to Industrial darkness.
He devoloped his own, unique style and performs his productions as a live act or as a DJ. 

Active Void

At the gates of Hamburg, Timo Dwenger and Sebastian Künne are turning analog dance commands and pushing the Hanseatic quality knobs all the way up. Their style is cross-genre, but always with a complex, emotionally charged production style, without ever losing focus on dancefloor-ready tracks. 

Xenia Beliayeva

We welcome the grande dame of the electro scene and the world child, Xenia Beliayeva. With a masterpiece called "Magnificent" she participates in the compilation "Beats against Bombs" and sets a sign for peace on this planet of ours.  We are excited about more productions from Xenia.

Dirty Deal

Marc "Dirty Deal" from Hamburg out into the whole world. Earlier projects with Sascha Reimann aka FerrisMC and collabs with Moonbootica, among others, carried him far beyond the borders of this city. After a long break,  he has again a few release with reputable labels and we look forward to everything that comes.

Sven Wegner

Sven Wegner has been an important part of Hamburg´s techno and house scene since the late 90s. Today, as a member of Slow Punch, Sven is more dedicated to deep rhythms and funky grooves than in his more progressive days. Sven inspires us with his deep tracks and much love for details.


"Der EVA" has been active in Hamburgs eletronic scene for several years. In 2019 "Der EVA" founded with his partner in crime Jan 10ner the downtempo label Slow Punchhh. Pitched down techno tracks meet funky slowhouse and grating slowrave. Always varied and with a pinch of coolness..


Oliver Groschek was born on the edge of the industrial Ruhr area, influenced by this and the science fiction from the late 70s as well as his father's collection of around 2000 records, Oliver's sound is from driving, darkly dreamy to atmospherically bright and cinematic. 


Denef aka Mattheu Vicenz is a French producer that borrows from multiple genres as diverse as classical, electro, ambient, and metal. Danef presents a balance between those influences through noise, ambient progressions, electronic sounds and acoustic melodies.



Newschool techno or progressive house is the world of the smart techno producer, who presents selected tracks from his Lutzenhouse project at Willson Music. 
His Debut on Willson Music is the EP "Pumpin Hard" containing Remixes from Active Void and Sven Wegner.

Tim Bremer

Tim comes from Neuss in NRW. Yes, the Neuss. The place where grandma calls the police to find out if there's a thunderstorm coming. Actually, Tim has only turned on the sub and was in the mixdwon for his hip hop productions. In addition to mixing, Tim also offers mastering and online workshops.  

The Tunegirl

This girl is THAT Tunegirl. Inspired by Status Quo and AC/DC in the 70s over wandered through all genres of music as an active and conscious participant and producer and finally techno lover until one day she saw a yt video and fell in love with the modular euroracks and is now exploring the diversity of modularity and synthesis.


Willson produces house, techno and Hip Hop music. As a part of the freeform network Manuel organized festivals and clubparties early on that influenced the north german techno scene significantly. You can listen to his releases on the common plattforms.

Umut Uslusoy

Umut Uslusoy, a.k.a. Mutus has set himself the goal of creating a speechless communication with his audience through his music that goes beyond words. Mutus produces both with live band including vocals and as a solo artist and is responsible for the entire sound design.

Mike Peppel

for more than 20 years Mike Peppel has worked out his house music facets as resident dj for among others like Grünanlagen, Purgatory or Villa Nova. Based on this experience, driving tracks are in production that will soon melt all socks on every dancefloor....



Nuremberg is his patch and the field is his home. When Adam revs up his machine, no dance floor stays still. Adam plays and produces melodic house and techno. his playful sounds sent many a raver on a dreamy journey. We look forward to presenting you with much more of this artist in the future.

Stefan feuerhake


Feuerhake stands not only for the golden turn of the century of festivals and hidden underground parties, but also for lush music production.
As a coach and lecturer, Stefan passes on his know-how at various universities and academies. Feuerhake is one our mastering engineers.

Julian Schäfer

Julian Schäfer 

With surfaces over his own sound and field recordings, Julian creates unimagined atmospheres which are characterised by deep structures. Julian's productions are moving and have a special texture that invites you to linger.



Tom and Manuel are forming the hip hop beat combo "Schattenwirtschaft". New and classic elements reawaken 90s hip hop. Modern and groovy. The sound has already led to requests from well-known heads who now produce with this guys.

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